The Story

Born in one of the most beautiful river deltas of the world, he completed the major part of his education in Nigeria. There, he worked with many advertising companies primarily as a media studio artist. Today, he is working as an art therapist with unaccompanied teenagers with traumatic conditions in Dortmund and is founder of the Afroroots Germany Association promoting integration, education, development and raising awareness of climate change.

In his life colors always had a very special meaning. He started painting in 1987 and his home country Nigeria inspires him again and again. He experiments with many techniques and works with materials such as oil, sand, coal and acrylic.

Kendryx Alfadoh

My art, the colors have always been a part of me and my life. The people, the colors and the earth of my homeland Nigeria inspire me. Art is light, love and life, things seen, felt and experienced, the past and the future. Art sets the soul free… Through my art, I am trying to link Africa with Europe and the rest of the world.


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exhibitions (selection)

2015 Deport, Dortmund, Germany
2013 “Mystical Colors of Africa”, City Gallery Torhaus Rombergpark, Dortmund, Germany
2013 “International Day of the Refugee” („Internationaler Tag des Flüchtlings”), Auslandsgesellschaft NRW, Dortmund, Germany
2012 Project learning German, Pdl Dortmund, Germany
2012 “Where color speaks” (“Wo die Farbe spricht”), Blaues Haus, Dortmund, Germany
2010 Blaues Haus, Dortmund, Germany
2009 Culturemix, Dortmund, Germany
2007 ArtTrio, Bochum, Germany
2006 Chelsea, London, UK
2004 Wexford, Irland
2002 Stadtwerke, Witten, Germany
2000 Werkschau, Bochum, Germany
1997 Holiday Inn, Bochum, Germany
1995 City Island, New York, USA
1995 Vassili Vernissage, Dortmund, Germany